he's mine. 


long story. but i accidentally adopted a dog in september. we met september 8th at the newark airport. he smelled of someone else's cloying perfume and sat on my lap the entire way home to dumbo. i knew i loved him but i didn't want to. caring i could do. affording was the rub.* 

soon after, i drove him back home-home to brookline, ma. during those first weeks, he rarely left my side, unless to sniff a nearby undercarriage or a crumb was fumbled. and after many, many walks: approximately 4 thousand neighborhood blocks of thinking . . . i ultimately disregarded most of my logic, and adopted him. 

he's a sack of potatoes, who smells a lot like k'nishes, hugs like a human, and makes my heart fluffier. 


*status pending