a nice looking couple just walked into the cafe where i'm eating butter cookies. in their surprisingly small stroller* was their cute kidlet. he was squirmy, with the kind of amazingly lush eyelashes i lust after- for myself. his father was asking him questions, trying to engage or distract him, while his mom tended to their order as it arrived at the counter.

"who are we going to see today?" squirm.

"what's falling from the sky?" it was sun-raining.

"what's on your feet?" velcro shoes attached to squirming legs.

his mom seemed annoyed- perhaps because the kid didn't quite seem old enough to know the answers or how to answer or even how to speak (hey, i don't know when kids learn to talk, pee alone, or avoid strange strangers- especially those who stare at them wanting a reciprocated eye-roll, like "i know, right!? parents ask way too many questions!") another one was asked, and the mom prompted the dad to cut it out.

but he asked yet an other- pointing to an analog clock- "what time is it?" the kid's squirming stopped. he motioned to his father to bend down. lightly pressing his dad's [annoying] face between his little hands, they were eye to eyelash-lined-eye. 

he burst. "IT'S HUG TIME!!!!!!" duh!

the mom scooched the dad out of the way, and she laughed proudly while squeezing her kid. "that's my guy," she said really sweetly and smugly.

great answer, kid. it is hug time.

*(monster-stroller parents: please check 'em out or get outa my way rawwwwr!!)