sisterJ is running in her NINTH marathon this weekend in NYC. hold the phone! whudisay? she doesn't look a day over 16, which as i recall, was how old she was when she ran her first (Boston) marathon in high school!   

at her urging (over the past 10 years), i started a jogging routine this past summer (believe it, buds). granted, it was initially just to offset the "frustration" i had accumulated through&after a real drag of a breakup. t.m.i. but it stuck! that said, i will NOT be joining her for the running portion of the afternoon. i will, however, be keeping watch that day and cooking a dope pasta-heavy meal for the family (including 2 dogs and 1 nana) the evening before. 

sisterJ and brotherbear

most importantly, J is running to benefit a cause, as she has in the past (Wounded Warrior Project, leading sight-impared runners). this year it is for Grassroot Soccer, an organization that uses soccer as a medium to educate youths (in Africa) about HIV prevention; it facilitates crucial dialog through play! please check it out and consider donating. 

i hope y'all have a great time out there cheering on those incredible runners. it's such an amazing spectacle and continues to be the most special time for me and my family. <<<PERMA-CHILLS>>> 

IT.NEVER.GETS.OLD.  xooxosJ, b